Our intention behind the brand is to design ready to wear pieces for all shapes and sizes. From a design perspective we are inspired by the diverse shapes of a female body. Our design aesthetic is clean lines and figure flattering silhouettes that exude a minimalistic touch. We only produce a small amount of each style to ensure exclusivity and quality.

We use surplus fabric’s in each collection with the Laser Cut pieces as our signature style detail. Our aim is to build a sustainable business that shines a light on the South African fashion and textiles industry. All garments are made locally in our sunny studio in Pretoria, South Africa.

We design timeless pieces that are made to last. We believe in buying fewer, better made pieces.

Our colour pallet of Black, Navy & Green is inspired by Mother nature and reflects the current Covid19 worldwide crisis. We all feel the need to connect with the earth, to value and restore our planet by the way we live, work, do business and how we spend our money. We use a mix of fabric from noble Mohair to crease resistant BonBon. Our signature Laser Cut pieces are limited edition and will add some fun to your life.

                                     May we all slow down, move away from mass consumption, and invest in well made, local fashion brands.