Our Summer collection is inspired by a feeling. I intended to capture the essence and the joy of running into a field filled with flowers – losing control in happiness, pure delight and freedom.

The colour pallet for SS21 is inspired by research on colour therapy. Colour is all around us, everywhere you look, consciously and sub-consciously. Colour does not only enter your body through your eyes, but also through your skin. It gives off unique vibrations and frequencies. Colour can have a huge impact on your emotions and how we perceive the world. It can relieve anxiety and boost confidence.

We have chosen a colour pallet of gorgeous summer colours to lift your mood, to spark joy and to sub-consciously put a smile on your face. After the crazy year we have all had, we need some confidence, buckets filled with flowers and good vibrations.

We hope you find joy in our Essential, Laser Cut, Tulle & Linen collections this season

All shapes and all sizes

From a design perspective we are inspired by the diverse shapes of a female body. Our design aesthetic is clean lines and figure flattering silhouettes that exude a minimalistic touch. We only produce a small amount of each style to ensure exclusivity and quality.

 We use surplus fabric’s in each collection with the Laser Cut pieces as our signature style detail. Our aim is to build a sustainable business that shines a light on the South African fashion and textiles industry. All garments are made locally in our sunny studio in Pretoria, South Africa.